• Violet Khambule

Exquisite Chess Sets

Wood chess pieces are the number one choice for players and collectors. Nothing compares to the intrinsic beauty of wood – how it looks and feels in the hand when playing. 

The youngest grandmaster who reached top 10 of the in 2014 and 2016 was about 14 years olds. Maybe you can start buying for your children who knows tomorrow thay may also be counted as one of the youngest Grandmasters at the youngest age.

Do not forget to buy for yourself also and give a gift of Wood chess pieces to the chess pieces collectors. I am definitely sure they will appreciate it. Which means you can also buy them on the discounted price. Nothing compares to the intruguing beauty of wood and how it looks and feels in the hand of the player.

Here are the ultimate luxury chess set from Italy! Handcrafted by the artisan from Italfama, these luxuries and exquisite chess sets are nothing less than a piece of art.

Click these link to get your favourite pieces :






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