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If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

This girl grew up in Sebokeng and grew up without her pillar of strength. My pillar and my strength. I am talking about my father. Buhle Benjamin Khambule worked as a security guard in one of the companies in Vanderbijlpark. He died in 1980. The year that I will never forget. The year that my father passed on. As a little girl who was close to her father, I remember people were crying and I joined the crying group not understanding what was going on. Nobody talked about him after that. When I grew up I would alway dream of seeing him or it was my imagination I do not know. If heaven had visiting hours I will surely visit you,and we can have a father daughter conversation. I promise if there were visiting hours I was going to make sure that I visit every weekend.

After a few months things changed, life became challenging, from having everything to having nothing. When I say nothing I mean from having food to having barely any food in the house. Sometimes we will sleep on an empty stomach and wake up the following and go to school. I remember during lunch we will come home with my brother knowing perfectly well there is no food. But we did that because we knew that we cannot stay at school and watch other children eat. And after sometime we will leave and go back to school. That was the life we lived and we grew up to be strong and powerful. I won't write everything here as this will take me longer. But I will one day write a book about this girl who used to be me.

In thise challenges we worked hard and we did well at school. Until I passed my matric ( Grade 12) I started secondary school. I did accounting and loved it so much that I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. I will apply to so many Universities knowing perfectly well that we do not have money. I remember the teacher who was teaching us in Matric brought me form from Sebokeng teachers college and said that I must fill them and that I will be accepted as there were not enough teachers for Accounting. Fear ask me who do you think you’re. You know perfectly well that you are shy. Student are going to laugh at you. That is how I missed that opportunity because of fear.

After my matric I stayed home for about three months or so. One of our neighbors saw sweeping outside and he asked me why I am not at school and I explained to him that I do not have money to further my education. The following day he brought me the forms from the company he was working. I filled the form and he came to collect them when he took the form back to work. I got the sponsor to study at Vanderbijlpark Technical College. That's how I started my engineer courses (N1 Electrical Engineering). Fear visited me again and asked me , do you remember that you did maths only until Standard 8 ( Grade 10) ? Now I am shaking again. I am questioning myself if I will be able to do it. As most of my classmates were maths students. But I am already there so there is no turning back. I had to find a way to make it. And I was not allowed to fail or the company will not pay for me. Until you could prove to this company that you had rewritten the subject and passed it then they will pay again. For me I had to work hard as I had many challenges, including transport money to school. So failing was not an option for me. To cut a long story short I made it. I received my National N6 Certificate.

While busy with our N6 another company came to the college to recruit students and to give them bursaries. We applied with my classmates and we all got the bursary. And they said that because we did heavy current they require light current and they took us back to college this time in Pretoria with an monthly allowance. This was the end of poverty. This new company registered us at this college Pretoria west Technical College. You can just imagine the excitement of going to Pretoria and staying in a student res. So we started the light current at N4. After we finished our N6. We graduated and I graduated with First and Second National N Diploma. And another opportunity came for me to teach at this College and again because of fear and the thought that I am shy, I declined the offer. According to the Principal that time He said they start with their students when they employ lectures. Because I had these two diplomas, I was going to get the job. I was given a chance to go home and think about it, but fear said where do you think you’re going. You know how students are, and you’re shy.

I obtained my BTECH Management (Unisa) and this month October bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree (Mancosa) I believe I tried so far. Hope one day I will be writing that I have my MBA or Phd. Let me stop here and I promise one day I will write a book and with more details about my life. Then you will know who Violet Khambule is. I know wherever my father is, he is so proud of me. And if heaven had visiting hours I will surely visit you,and we can have a father daughter conversation. Celebrate every achievement with you. I promise if there were visiting hours I was going to make sure that I visit every weekend.

If heaven had visiting hours.

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