• Violet Khambule

Make money online

Passive income is not easy, they may make it look easier, but you need to give it time especially when you are a beginner. There is so much to learn and you must be prepared to learn until you find the one that works for you. The one that you will enjoy and it will not feel like hard work.

The following sites are good and you can make money


If you want to earn satoshi points and turn them into bitcoin. Click the below link and watch adverts and videos and get these points.


Below is the link you can use to watch youtube videos, subscribers and views for point , listen to music,

facebook likes, friend requests and comments for point.

There is also twitter , instagram, sound music etc.

<a href="">FREE Social Promotion</a>

As soon as you have enough point you can use those point to sell likes, subscribers, views and more using the below links :


Let us all try together to make money and we are all learning. We all want to build financial freedom by adding some few extra dollars in our pockets.

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