• Violet Khambule

No Pasture, No Communication and No Word.

LODEBAR Is a place where you cannot get visitors or you cannot visit. It is like the crisis that we are facing now. We are asked to stay in our houses, Police and Soldiers are everywhere looking for anyone who is breaking the law by not staying in their houses. Children and adults are beaten or arrested when they are found to be walking on the streets. The street that used to be busy with people walking up and down and children playing ang and making noise. The whole world is in Lodebar. Parents miss their children and the children miss their parents too and no one is allowed to leave their houses to visit each other. This 2020 Pandemic can be compared to a lodebar. Things we took for granted we realise that they are important like walking ,jogging, visiting your family, meeting with a friend at the restaurant, shopping freely without being asked where you are going or having to ask for permission to go and bury one of your own. Other countries they cannot even have a chance to bury their own because of the impact it has on those countries.

We are in Lodebar and we need that king that we can look to, to take us to a place of peace and love . And that king is Jesus, let us call unto him and he promised to answer us. He wants to give us the opportunity or show them to us. Like He did for prophet Jerimiah, He said to him buy the land from your relative. And it was time of difficulty, they were in foreign land but still God said buy the land because He knew time will come when they will be back to their country or free from slavery.Yes it is also time for you to go to him and ask him for opportunities in this time of crisis. Most people have given up but you are special do not give up as this will also end. The creator has you in his hand. The one who knows the number of your hair.

The one who knows and sees every pain and secret tears that no one sees. The one who knows your weaknesses and your fears. He protected and you survived the crisis, the world gave up on you and your country also gave up on you and most of all you survived. The reason you survived is God is not done with you. He has bigger plans for you. The plans that you do not see but He has them. Call unto him, he didn't protect you and heal you to leave you. No he is not God that let his people alone, he is always with them. So don't give up on God because he is not giving up on you, He is saying you will make it , I am with you all the way. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Does He mean it, yes He does, look at yourself, you’re breathing and that means you have an opportunity to start afresh. ( 2 Samuel 9:1-4 )

To be continue..........

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