• Violet Khambule

Alone and in pain

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

There is time when you feel so unloved and in so much pain and no one to talk to. Know that there is a man amongst man. the one whose shouldre are broader than the shoulder of any human that ever existed. The man that I am talking about is God,

The one who knows and sees every pain and secret tears that no one sees. The one who knows your weaknesses and your fears. He protected you and you survived the pandemic, the world gave up on you and your country gave up on you, most of you survived. The reason is God is not done with you. He has bigger plans for you. The plans that you do not see but He has them. Call unto him, he didn't protect you and heal you to leave you. No he is not God that let his people alone, he is always there with them. So don't give up on God because he is not giving up on you, He is saying you will make it , I am with you all the way. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Does He mean it, yes He does, look at yourself, you’re breathing and that means you have an opportunity to start afresh if need be.

Pull yourself up and try again. There is an oppurtunity for you out there. Just waiting for you to grab it.

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