• Violet Khambule

Quitting is not an option

Things may have stopped for awhile but life didn't stop. You might have lost your job, your marriage, your relationship and your pride. It is not the end of the world. You are still alive and kicking so dust yourself and try again. This is the start of a new life. They say fall seven and stand up eight times. So there is still hope and you can follow that dream. That busines need to be rebuild and new relatioship is waiting for you.

Start afresh, start, start now yes you, I am talking to you. The road ahead is clear, it is calling for you to start again. I can see you want to give up, please don't, I know I am talking to someone who is reading this and you are about to throw in the towel. Don't you dare do that, There are few rounds that you need to tackle, go ahead and fight, fight and fight until you win. Yes until you will win. Winners don't quit. Anyway Quitting is not an option. So do not even look at that option because is not there. do not look for it as it is not looking for you. Go ahead do noy look back.

Let's start together, let us take the risks together. Start that business, channel, blog or write that poem or book you have been promising to write. Tell your story and encourage others. Let's do it, we can make it. We must not let fear stop our dreams. Fear has killed many dreams. Many business , were started because of fear, books were not written because of fear of what willpeople say. New relationship were not started because of fear of heartbreak. We won't let fear it destroy our dreams and our future. And this what we are going to say to ourselves,, I have nothing to fear, and I am a powerful being. I was given authority and power by God. I will use my talent and gift to build my dreams and empower others. Quitting is still not an option.

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